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Foggy Bay Collies
Our Star Performers
Some of our proudest moments have come in the performance arenas. Be it herding, agility, rally, tracking, nosework, or obedience, nothing beats accomplishing something with your dog as a team.  Collies have a constant presence in some of the most competitive performance venues. 
Join us in celebrating Foggy Bay's working collies!
Sleuth is the mother of Dagger and Patrick and grandmother of Shine, Twinkle and Andy.  She's the one who really got us hooked on one of our favorite pastimes: herding!  You have a wonderful legacy, Sleuthie!

CH Foggy Bay Sneaking Suspicion, HSAs
CH Arrowhill Dacin Attitude, PT
CH Arrowhill Nonpareil, HIC, CGC
Cindy & King at the national!
CH Foggy Bay Oh Yeah! OA, OAJ
Jul-Ric's Bridge To Foggy Bay, MX, MXJ, FX
Cue waits for the cue from Julie!
CH Kasan Too Cool, PT, TD, VA
Nana takes up carting!
Strider is pursuing Nosework!
King aces the weaves!
CH Kasan Clearly Cool
Foggy Bay Starry Night At Sealoch, CDX, CGC, AX, MXJ, OF, RE, HIC

Patrick wrapped up his Excellent titles with two first places and Highest Scoring Collie! Patrick is also major pointed in conformation!
Sawyer drives them through the Y-chute
CH Arrowhill Dacin New York New York, PT
Dagger hamming it up with his judges
Fresca wrapping up her Rally title!  CH Arrowhill Blue Ice, PT, RN
Treve tracking!
What a lot of loot!  Patrick had a fabulous haul at the 2011 CCA National!
Foggy Bay Cloak and Dagger, PT, JHD
Kindle: performance star in training!
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Dagger is a joy to work with no matter what we're doing.  He has earned titles in herding, agility and rally. He wrapped up his Rally Excellent with a perfect score.  Our judge said it was one of the nicest runs she'd ever seen.
Good boy, Dagger!

Foggy Bay Cloak and Dagger, PT, 0A, OAJ, NF, RE, JHD
 Dagger's brother Patrick was one of our all-time performance Superstars.  We are so proud to have him in our family. Patrick is one of very few collies to earn the Collie Club of America's Grand Versatility Champion award. Huge congratulations to Patrick's terrific Mom, Sally Mobraaten, for all she accomplished with her boy!

BISS GVCH MACH CH Foggy Bay Starry Night Of Sealoch, UD, GO, RAE, PT, MXB, MJB, T2B, XF, CA, CGC
The Foggy Bay family had a very fine time at the Collie Club of America's 2017 National Specialty Agility Trials! 
From left to right you'll see:  
Foggy Bay Sealoch Star Chaser ("Andy"--who earned his first 2 Rally legs at age 8 months!), 
Foggy Bay Just Cool It, BN, CD, RE ("Jesse", Dagger's Dad and Andy's Grandpa), 
MACH 5 Foggy Bay Shining Night At Jul-Ric  ("Shine," Dagger's son and Jesse's grandson),
 MACH 9 Jul-Ric's High Flying Journey ("Target," Sawyer's daughter), 
Foggy Bay Sudden Snowstorm, NA, NAJ ("Flurry," who earned her first two agility titles!), and 
Foggy Bay Cloak and Dagger RA, PT, OA, OAJ, NF ("Dagger," Jesse's son, Shine's Dad and Andy's Uncle!).
Everyone had a great time!
Foggy Bay was also very well represented at the CCA Herding Trials, where Solo, Foggy Bay Solo Flight to Jul-Ric, earned his PT!
And after agility, Foggy Bay had great fun at the CCA Rally & Obedience trials, where Foggy Bay Sealoch Star Chaser, Foggy Bay Just Cool It, and Foggy Bay Cloak and Dagger all earned legs!
Our girl Twinkle is showing promising signs of carrying on a proud herding tradition at Foggy Bay.
Foggy Bay Keep Your Cool, JHD
Patrick winning Best In Show under specialty judge Lorraine Still.
Trip (Foggy Bay The Light Fantastic) just made his debut in the herding arena.  We have high hopes!
We're so proud of Julie O'Rourke and Shine, the FIRST COLLIE in the United States to earn the AKC title of American Grand Champion!! Shine is Dagger's son and Patrick's nephew. He carries on a very proud tradition!
AGCH MACH11 Foggy Bay Shining Night At Jul-Ric MXG3, PDS, MJG4, PJS, FTC1, MIB2, TQX, T2B9, TKI
Shine earning MACH 10!
Shine has set a very good example for his little brother, Solo!  With Julie's outstanding handling and training, Solo has made his mark as another performance star. To date, Solo has MACH titles!  

MACH5 Foggy Bay Solo Flight To Jul-Ric PT, MXC, MJB2, MFC, TQX, T2B3, TKI
At the ripe old age of 3, Andy is already a Grand Champion and making his mark in performance venues! Andy is Patrick's son, Dagger's nephew, Twinkle's brother, and Solo's half-brother.  All in the family!

GCH Foggy Bay Sealoch Starchaser, CD, BN, RA, FDC, OA, OAJ, OF, CGC, TKA, PD
Some little dogs have your heart from the start.  Flurry is certainly one of those.
Foggy Bay Sudden Snowstorm, RA, NA, NAJ
Our beautiful Sawyer at work.
BISS CH Foggy Bay Sentimental Journey, PT, RE
Dagger, TE (Traveler Extraordinaire) at Crater Lake.
News Flash!!
Shine & Julie just earned MACH 11!!
What a way to start the year!